Our approach

The Best Tools from Multiple Sectors

We work to end homelessness and ensure poverty never follows families beyond a single generation.

We think the way to achieve those goals is to help communities become better, more adaptive problem solvers so they can tackle complex challenges as they emerge. As teams learn to work differently and rethink their existing resources, they find that they can help far more people escape homelessness and poverty than they once knew.

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How We Work

Our problem solving process is rooted in five key principles:

Focus on the outliers - those people or neighborhoods most likely to fall through the cracks of existing social welfare programs- to build better solutions for everyone

Set measurable, public, timebound goals to build a sense of urgency and force key players to innovate

Engage the user - those trapped in poverty, along with frontline health and human services workers- to design more practical, better informed solutions

Optimize existing resources by using all available data to inform decisions about spending and community responses to need

Test and evaluate new ideas in short cycles to learn what works quickly and build on successful strategies