Kaitlyn Ranney

  • Loves: World travel
  • Hates: Poorly defined goals
  • Super Power: Private karaoke champion

Kaitlyn Ranney

Marketing and Engagement Manager

In her role as Marketing and Engagement Manager, Kaitlyn works to share and celebrate stories and successes of current Built for Zero communities in their journeys to functional zero, while also recruiting new communities into the movement. As part of the Strategic Communications team, she manages the Built for Zero digital communications and email program and provides marketing and communication support to the organization as a whole.

Prior to joining Community Solutions, Kaitlyn served as marketing and communications director of a global exchange nonprofit called Friendship Force International. Her career experience encompasses development work at an independent preK-12 school, account management in a boutique public relations agency, and marketing and sales for the Walt Disney Company. Additionally, she has taught Film History and Speech Communications at the undergraduate level, along with Journalism and Latin to middle and high school students.

Kaitlyn holds an M.A. in Communication from Georgia State University and a B.A. in Communication from Wake Forest University.