The Greg Jackson Center for Brownsville

Brooklyn, NY
The Greg Jackson Center for Brownsville
The Greg Jackson Center for Brownsville, which promotes a preservation-based approach to creating a thriving community hub, combines employment and wellness resources, financial and entrepreneurship support, co-location space for nonprofits serving the community, and multipurpose arts and culture facilities extending to an adjoining courtyard.
Project partner: Bernheimer Architecture
Photo: Courtesy of Bernheimer Architecture


●  Redeveloping vacant building as multipurpose community hub
●  Community-informed design process with local residents
●  Developed by Community Solutions, opened Spring 2015


●  Former medical office building, vacant for five years
●  Adjacent to six public housing developments in Brownsville Brooklyn
●  High crime area with deeply fragmented social safety net system


●  Participatory design sessions with neighborhood residents to inform program
●  Innovative design combines:
           ○  Interactive data technology wall to help community members track neighborhood social and economic metrics
           ○  Employment and wellness resources
           ○  Financial and entrepreneurship support
           ○  Co-location space for not-for-profits serving the community
           ○  Multi-purpose arts and cultural spaces, extending to adjoining courtyard
●  Named after late community leader and respected Brownsville advocate