Built for Zero Tulsa surpasses 1,000 people housed in effort to stymie chronic, veteran homelessness

April 20, 2018
By Corey Jones
Pleased to settle into his new home Wednesday, William Gower first wanted nothing more than a refreshing shower.
There was no furniture yet to move around on the white-tiled floors of the one-bedroom apartment. But the 37-year-old had bedding materials and a pillow.
Most importantly, the space was his own.
“It’s been a struggle,” Gower said. “Maybe it’s a new start for me. I’m happy.”
Gower is one of 1,005 homeless people helped by the Built for Zero Tulsa initiative.
The program is an effort of A Way Home for Tulsa, which is a collaboration among 23 agencies dedicated to ending chronic and veteran homelessness.
The 1,000th person was placed a week ago. Gower pushed a shopping cart of belongings to a car at the Day Center for the Homeless on Wednesday afternoon, receiving a lift to his new residence at the nearby Hewgley Terrace apartments.