Niagara joins national initiative to end chronic homelessness

Niagara’s homelessness director, Cathy Cousins, from left, Regional Chair Jim Bradley & program analyst Lisa Bell discuss Niagara’s inclusion in the Built For Zero Canada collaborative, helping Niagara deal with chronic homelessness. Allan Benner, Torstar
July 23, 2019
By Allan Benner

Niagara Region has been accepted as part of a national initiative working to end chronic homelessness.

Built for Zero Canada — a Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness initiative based on a successful U.S. program — announced Tuesday that Niagara has been accepted to be part of the collaborative.

"Our goal is to ultimately end homelessness. And that's a lofty goal, but a goal that we should be working toward," said Niagara Region Chair Jim Bradley while announcing Niagara's inclusion in the program.

"We're trying to find the best possible practices that have worked in other locations across Canada and try to fit them into Niagara. I think everyone recognizes today that homelessness has become an even greater problem than it has been in years gone by and all communities seem to be saying that."