Our Values

Our values guide our work with one another, with partners, and with the people and 
communities we support.

1. Solve for impossible.

We tackle urgent, complex social problems at the systems level because our hope for a just society is at stake. We work in the service of real, lasting solutions.

2. Learn by doing.

We discover solutions through iterative experimentation and rigorous, data-driven reflection. We choose curiosity and action.

3. Focus on the user. 

We start with the question of what matters to the person suffering the problem and work from there. 

4. Love the bomb.

Our most important lessons and creative opportunities come from facing into what is not working. We don’t let fear of failure keep us from moving forward.

5. Operate from generosity.

We believe in generosity and in working to make others successful, both within Community Solutions and among the partners and communities with which we work. We support each other in taking risks and learning. We replace the question, “Who is to blame for failure?” with a more powerful question, “What can I do to increase our collective chance of success?”

6. Take ownership of what happens here.

We each take full responsibility for workplace dynamics and hold ourselves accountable for the success of our projects and the organization as a whole. We hold ourselves and each other accountable to our values; we don’t wait for anyone to do it for us.

7. Embrace appreciation humor and joy.

We take the fear out of change by making the process encouraging, inspiring and fun.

8. Promote Racial Equity.

We recognize racism as a leading cause of homelessness and many of the conditions that create it. We commit ourselves to building and being a diverse and inclusive organization that pursues meaningful, data-driven strategies for combating the racism that leads to and exacerbates homelessness, both on the public stage and in the communities we serve.