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This week, we officially announced that Riverside County, CA had become the first large community in the country to reach Functional Zero, our rigorous definition of a clear and measurable end to veteran homelessness. Our team has worked with Riverside since 2015 as part of our Built for Zero initiative.

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This week, we officially cut the ribbon on the John and Jill Ker Conway Residence in Washington, D.C., giving 60 homeless veterans a permanent place to call home and creating an additional 64 units of affordable housing. The building has a fitness room, two outdoor terraces, and onsite supportive services provided by social workers from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

We were joined for the ribbon cutting by the Secretaries of HUD and VA, as well as the Mayor of Washington, D.C. What a way to start 2017!

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My interactions with communities, partners and funders in the work to end homelessness are typically energizing. I hear conversations that inspire and challenge me on a regular basis.

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Residents of Brownsville face joblessness at crisis levels, even as the rest of New York City’s unemployment levels have fallen to pre-recession rates. Our partners in workforce development have been working with us to examine and retool their own processes and understand why, when, and how often Brownsville residents are able and unable to complete their programs.

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There are some social problems that, unfortunate as they are, just need to be accepted. They will always exist to one degree or another. One of those problems most people have resigned themselves to is homelessness.

Rosanne Haggerty is not most people. 

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Lidisis Mejia immigrated to Brownsville, Brooklyn from the Dominican Republic last year. Today, she she says her move was “the best decision I’ve ever made.”

Lidisis wanted to build a brighter future for herself and her two children, but once she arrived, she quickly saw that it would not be easy. Though Lidisis is a college graduate and worked as an ESL teacher in the Dominican Republic, her experience did not help her land even entry level positions in the United States. “I was nothing,” she says.

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There's a lot going on at Community Solutions, from our national effort to help 75 communities end chronic and veteran homelessness to our local efforts to help whole neighborhoods turn around complex issues like failing health and chronic unemployment. As if that weren't enough, our consulting team is engaged on five different continents right now, helping communities all over the world develop smarter, more data-driven approaches to solving complex social problems.

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When Brownsville resident Keon Treadwell graduated from City College of New York in 2012, he expected to use his degree to find better employment prospects. However, his job search didn’t unfold as planned. Despite perusing newspapers and preparing for a job with the NYC Department of Sanitation, Keon found himself stuck in prolonged unemployment. On top of his employment frustrations, tragedy struck: his mother passed away, leaving him to care for his grandmother alone.

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Community Solutions Board Member and longtime advisor, Paul Romer, was named Chief Economist of the World Bank on Monday.

We salute Paul for his groundbreaking contributions to economics and community development, as well as for his thoughtful work to support our own efforts to end homelessness and concentrated poverty by helping communities learn to solve problems in smarter, more collaborative ways.