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Community Solutions president Rosanne Haggerty gave the keynote address at the Canadian National Conference on Ending Homelessness this week. In her remarks, she calls for a sense of urgency around homelessness as a public health crisis, and urges advocates not to wait for a perfect plan or comprehensive funding in their efforts to find a solution.

Thank you, Tim, Katherine, and thanks to all of you for the work you are doing to end homelessness across Canada. I feel privileged to be here to share and learn and help each other get better at the urgent work we do.

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Ray Graham is a 17-year-old Brownsville, Brooklyn native with boundless ambition. Acting, music, comedy, and visual art are among the list of professional pursuits that Ray confidently keeps in his sights. His creative energies and uncommon ideas have made him an asset to the community engagement and placemaking teams of the Brownsville Partnership, an initiative of Community Solutions, as well as a number of local partner organizations.

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Home to the largest concentration of public housing in New York City, Brownsville, Brooklyn has suffered from years of disinvestment, leading critical infrastructure to crumble, street safety to diminish, and once-bustling commercial corridors to lose foot traffic. While Brownsville residents have ideas they know can create positive change in their neighborhood, they often don’t control the means for making those changes happen. Instead, systematic neglect and bureaucratic red tape too often overwhelm aspirations for safer and healthier streets.

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Danny worked as a carpenter all of his adult life, until an accident injured his back and caused him to lose his right eye. As a result of his injury, he found it difficult to continue working and contractors stopped hiring him, citing the insurance risk.

Danny soon lost his home and began moving from couch to couch. He eventually ended up outside, living in the woods of southern Mississippi for six years. As Danny's health issues worsened, he lost most of his mobility and began to depend on others living in the encampment, where he "became part of the environment of the camp."

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Yesterday, the Institute of Global Homelessness, which Community Solutions helped to launch in 2014, released the IGH Framework, a new global approach to understanding homelessness that develops a common language for shared measurement and action. This is the most credible effort to date to grapple with the problem of homelessness around the world in a way that will allow countries to work together for real solutions.

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Paul Howard, Senior Director of Knowledge Sharing at Community Solutions, spent the week at the inaugural Cities for Life conference in Medellín, Colombia. The conference brought together more than 1,000 people from 120 cities from around the world, including 60 mayors, to share knowledge and tackle together the complex challenges facing our cities.

Paul sends the following dispatch from Medellín:

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This week, we say goodbye to a longtime member of the Community Solutions team, Andrew Haupt, who has accepted an exciting position as Chief Operations Officer to our partners at the Rapid Results Institute. Andrew’s many talents were felt in senior posts in nearly every part of Community Solutions. His contributions to the organization and its development have been invaluable.