Muriel Bowser Addressing Homelessness

Mayors Take the Fight for Affordable Housing to Capitol Hill

Monday, January 29, 2018
By one estimate, the number of homeless people living without shelter grew by 9 percent last year. More than half a million Americans experienced homelessness on a given night in 2017, sheltered or out on the streets. This alarming surge comes at a time when the Trump administration is threatening deep budget cuts for housing assistance.
A new coalition launched by Ed Lee, the late mayor of San Francisco, is taking action to address this crisis before it gets any worse.
Richard Swinson
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What’s your history? How did you end up at Community Solutions?
I have been involved with and working in the Brownsville community for the past 50 years. I have been a motivator for change and an advocate for youth services, and I have encouraged inclusion in the process to create a dialogue that can help Brownsville residents be a part of solutions here.
I retired in 2013 to care for my mother, who passed away in 2014, which left a void in my life.
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Nearly 50,000 veterans continue to experience homelessness in America, but we're committed to solving that problem. As they always do, veterans are leading the way in that work! We're sharing the stories of our team members with military backgrounds and why they've chosen to continue their service here at Community Solutions:


Dave Foster Community Solutions
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What’s your history? How did you end up at Community Solutions?
I started my career as an infantry officer in the Army’s 101st Airborne Division and eventually made my way to law school.  Although I had an amazing experience leading soldiers, I was also excited by the impact that I could have in the private sector. On my first day of law school, I met a professor whose focus was urban revitalization, and I found my calling.  The mix of public policy, politics, business, law, and service was very appealing to me.

How Field Catalysts Galvanize Social Change

Friday, October 13, 2017
When looking across the major social-change efforts of our time, the parabola of success sometimes arcs suddenly and steeply. Take, for example, the precipitous breakthrough in the global effort to eliminate malaria. Beginning in 1980, malaria’s worldwide death toll rose at a remorseless 3 percent annual rate. In 2004 alone, the pandemic claimed more than 1.8 million lives.
Leslie Wise at Built for Zero Learning Session
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What’s your history? How did you end up at Community Solutions?
I started my career as a social worker in Columbus, OH before making my way to Los Angeles to help further develop the supportive housing industry for people experiencing homelessness.
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As an organization and as a group of people working together, and with communities, to create a more just society, the violence and hate on display in Charlottesville and other cities in recent weeks goes to the heart of our work and what we are fighting for at Community Solutions. We stand against this violence and the groups, beliefs and mythologies that are motivating it.

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Of course, we’re kidding (or are we…?), but it is true that a real-time, comprehensive, by-name list of everyone experiencing homelessness in a community is the essential first step to getting everyone housed.