The Brownsville Partnership

Helping one of New York City’s most struggling neighborhoods break the cycle of poverty


Community Solutions works nationally to help communities end homelessness, both by improving local housing efforts  and by working in communities of concentrated poverty to change the conditions that make people vulnerable to future homelessness. The Brownsville Partnership is a collaborative of more than 30 organizations working to improve the health, safety and prosperity of the Brownsville neighborhood of Brooklyn.

The Challenge

Brownsville is one of a handful of New York City neighborhoods where the major indicators of poverty overlap. In this neighborhood of 88,000, 36% of residents live below the federal poverty line, 44% of working age residents are out of workforce, and 10 public housing developments form the largest concentration of public housing in the U.S.

Our Goal

Our team is working with residents and partners to:

  • Pilot and refine new job placement strategies and improvements to the local workforce development system
  • Facilitate resident-led improvements to public housing and the development of new community spaces
  • Pilot a comprehensive, evidence-based and sustainable neighborhood system to enhance early childhood supports

Our Method

Our collective impact approach in Brownsville centers on data-driven improvement strategies, including:

  • Convene partners around measurable, time-bound goals
  • Partner with NYC workforce agencies and local health and social services organizations to create a stronger, more responsive network of resources that can help Brownsville residents more easily enter and navigate NYC’s competitive workforce
  • Identify and engage residents around key opportunities for neighborhood physical transformation and redevelopment of neglected spaces
  • Identify faltering systems, like public housing and workforce development, and increase their efficacy for Brownsville residents through process improvement

Successes to Date

  • More than 1,790 residents connected to work by partners participating in ambitious job placement campaign
  • The opening of the Gregory Jackson Center for Brownsville in June 2015, which provides a community hub that serves as one-stop location for social services and community organizing

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