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Community Solutions is once again teaming up with, one of the largest organizations for young people working for social change, to help youth get involved in ending homelessness. Today, we’re launching round two of the highly successful Welcome Home banner campaign, which enlists members to create colorful, handmade “welcome home” banners to be hung in the apartments of homeless people moving into permanent housing.

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This week, during the 2015 federal Point-in-Time (PIT) Count, volunteers from each of the country’s 414 Continuums of Care (CoCs) will hit area streets and shelters to assess the number of residents experiencing homelessness within the community. This annual count of sheltered and unsheltered homeless people is a federal requirement, but each community plans, coordinates, and carries it out locally during the last 10 days in January.

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This week, as Americans return from holiday vacations and settle into a new year, the 71 communities participating in our Zero: 2016 initiative are setting their sights on an ambitious goal: ending veteran homelessness in the next 358 days. In a sign of hope, one community is celebrating that achievement a full year ahead of schedule.

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When former Army Captain Becky Kanis Margiotta first began working with chronically homeless people in Times Square in 2003, she never dreamed her efforts would spawn a national movement. But this year, under her leadership, our 100,000 Homes Campaign announced it had helped 186 U.S. communities house more than 105,000 homeless Americans in under four years. That number includes more than 31,000 military veterans.

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Community Solutions announced today that it has selected communities to participate in Zero: 2016, a national campaign to end veteran and chronic homelessness in the next two years. The organization said it would work intensively with these communities to meet the federal goals set by President Obama to end veteran homelessness by Dec. 2015 and chronic homelessness by Dec. 2016.

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Last June, we announced that our 100,000 Homes Campaign had helped communities find permanent homes for more than 105,000 of the most vulnerable Americans on our streets. But what if that milestone could help fuel a worldwide movement to end chronic homelessness?


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