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Last June, we announced that our 100,000 Homes Campaign had helped communities find permanent homes for more than 105,000 of the most vulnerable Americans on our streets. But what if that milestone could help fuel a worldwide movement to end chronic homelessness?

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(Photo: Helmut was in his eighties and had spent years on the streets when Hollywood4WRD, the Hollywood, CA team participating in the 100,000 Homes Campaign, moved him into permanent housing. Credit: JB Rutagarama)

To many Americans, homelessness can feel like a problem so big it can't be helped. Perhaps you've always wanted to help but wondered where to start...

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Every night, more than 630,000 individuals are homeless in America; that includes more than 60,000 veterans. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Today is World Homeless Day, created to give everyone an opportunity to be a part of the solution and meet the needs of our country’s homeless individuals.

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Medellín, COLOMBIA— The 100,000 Homes Campaign, coordinated by NYC-based non-profit Community Solutions, was announced today as one of two international winners of the World Habitat Award, a prestigious honor awarded annually by the Building and Social Housing Foundation in conjunction with the United Nations. The award was announced during World Habitat Day celebrations in Medellín, Columbia and will be formally presented next April at the World Urban Forum, hosted by UN-Habitat.


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