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On any given night, more than 68,000 veterans are homeless. But Community Solutions, with the help of local and national partners, is working to drastically reduce that number and see to it that returning veterans never become homeless in the first place.

 Finding a stable place to live is one of the central issues facing returning veterans. Without a home, it's hard to find a job, get back to school or heal from war-related injuries.

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About one week ago, the 100,000 Homes Campaign crossed the threshold of 21,000 people housed, making them more than one fifth of the way to reaching their goal of helping communities house 100,000 people by July of 2014.

Indianapolis, a location that first joined the movement in July, housed five people with the help of the Corporation for Supportive Housing, the organization leading the local effort, and pushed the campaign over the 21,000 mark.

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On August 27, 2012, Community Solutions' own Jessica Venegas was invited by the White House Domestic Policy Council to speak at a White House forum on urban innovation. The forum was a TED-style event where representatives from various organizations in the United States were given the chance to speak on how their work is fostering new approaches to social innovation and economic opportunity.

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Over the next five years, as over one million American service members exit our armed forces, it is essential that our country be prepared to help them make a successful transition back into civilian life. At Community Solutions, we believe that a stable home must be part of every veteran’s homecoming.

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From 2003-2007, Becky Kanis led the successful effort that reduced street homelessness in Times Square by 87%. Now, she's taking what she learned to communities across the country as Director of our 100,000 Homes Campaign. In a candid Q+A, she opens up about her values, her military background, and the reason she's passionate about ending homelessness.

Q. What is the 100,000 Homes Campaign?

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Homelessness can make people sick. Really sick.

Among over 20,000 homeless people surveyed nationally through our 100,000 Homes Campaign, more than one in five lives with a chronic health condition alongside a substance addiction and a mental health condition. These co-occurring conditions are often exacerbated by the harsh realities of life on the streets. Addressing them requires a coordinated approach to care.


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