At Community Solutions, we take a collaborative, action-based approach to social change consulting. We'll help you learn by doing.

At Community Solutions, we take a collaborative problem solving approach to social change consulting.

Our team privileges concrete outcomes and actionable learning over traditional reports and recommendations. We want to work with your organization or community, not just for it, to advance proven methods and new, adaptive approaches to homelessness and poverty. 

Our problem solving process is driven by five key principles:

  • Focus on the outliers- those individuals, families, or neighborhoods most likely to fall through the cracks of existing social welfare programs- to discover solutions that work better for everyone

  • Engage the user- those trapped in poverty, along with frontline health and human services workers- to design practical, effective solutions

  • Optimize existing resources

  • Restore a sense of urgency through measurable, public, timebound goals

  • Test ideas in short cycles to learn what works and constantly improve

We are currently working with communities across the U.S. and internationally. To begin a conversation about how we might assist your organization, community or country, please contact Paul Howard, Senior Director in our Knowledge Sharing division.

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