The North Hartford Partnership

North Hartford is among the poorest neighborhoods in Connecticut. We're engaging residents, local nonprofits, businesses and government agencies to help this once-thriving community stage a comeback.


The North Hartford Partnership is helping residents of North Hartford, CT turn their neighborhood around. Coordinated by Community Solutions and supported by a broad base of partners, the Partnership works to improve the health and economic security of local residents and the physical conditions of the neighborhood simultaneously.  

The Challenge

North Hartford is among the most disinvested neighborhoods in Connecticut, despite Connecticut's place among the nation’s wealthiest states. It is also among the least healthy- in 2012, Connecticut's Health Equity index ranked the area number one for most potential years of life lost in the state. The neighborhood's largest employer, M. Swift & Sons gold leaf factory, closed its doors in 2004, deflating the local industrial jobs base and hastening the neighborhood's rapid economic decline.

Our Goals

In this community, where poverty and poor health are inextricably linked, our team is working to:

  • Increase healthy food access by working with partners to redesign the local food system
  • Improve community parks and exercise spaces
  • Reduce unnecessary hospital use 
  • Replace lost jobs by incubating successful, food-related businesses
  • Restore the Swift Factory and repurpose it as a community health center and food jobs creator

Our Method

The fastest way to kickstart North Hartford's comeback is to get neighbors, businesses, nonprofits and government agencies working together on issues that affect everyone. Our team of architects, planners, social workers and community organizers is: 

  • Redeveloping the abandoned Swift Factory as a neighborhood hub for job creation and health promotion
  • Pioneering community-based models of health care coordination to help local residents stay out of the emergency room while also reducing public health care costs
  • Advancing a low-footprint plan to revitalize local parks and recreational spaces while improving pedestrian safety and stimulating green job creation
  • Collaborating with private companies like Cigna to analyze local health data and identify the highest leverage opportunities for community-based innovation


  • 57 percent reduction in emergency room use over nine months among a group of the most frequent hospital patients at nearby St. Francis Hospital, achieved by addressing the social and economic challenges at the root of poor health 
  • Swift Factory donated to Community Solutions in 2010, setting in motion our plan to redevelop it as a thriving community hub

The North Hartford Partnership

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