The North Hartford Partnership

Preventing homelessness by strengthening a community


Community Solutions works nationally to help communities end homelessness, both by improving local housing efforts and by working in communities of concentrated poverty to change the conditions that make people vulnerable to future homelessness. The North Hartford Partnership is a collaborative of more than 10 companies and organizations working to improve the health, safety and prosperity of the North neighborhood of Hartford.

The Challenge

  • Homelessness is a symptom of broken community support systems and touches every other dimension of poverty
  • Residents of neighborhoods where poverty is concentrated, like North Hartford, have the worst health, education, employment and  housing outcomes
  • New models of community problem solving and investment are needed that tackle these challenges together, in the places they occur

Our Goals

  • Create job opportunities and sustainable economic development
  • Stabilize housing by preventing evictions, improving blighted and unhealthy conditions and creating long-term  affordability
  • Reach a neighborhood “Triple Aim” by measurably improving population health outcomes, individual well being,  and increasing the impact of investments

Our Method

  • Build and support collaboration between residents, not for profits, government and other stakeholders to work on  shared aims
  • Convene partners monthly around measurable, time-bound goals to improve neighborhood conditions/social  determinants of health
  • Focus investment on improving existing neighborhood assets, especially underutilized properties


  • Completed baseline Neighborhood Blight and Conditions Survey and Health Risk Assessment
  • Restoring vacant 85,000 square-foot former Swift gold leafing factory as hub of food related business to create jobs, boost local food system and improve population health (opening 2020)

The North Hartford Partnership

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