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Certain communities need new housing supply and improved physical infrastructure to end homelessness and the conditions that create it. Our Real Estate team supports these communities through the development of innovative projects and strategies that increase access to housing and economic opportunity for our most vulnerable neighbors.


The Real Estate team brings expertise in real estate development, finance, design, construction, placemaking and community outreach to the difficult challenges of housing and economic development in communities across the country. Our real estate work also includes a specific focus on the deployment of social-impact capital and other forms of non-traditional financing.  
Over more than three decades, Community Solutions and its predecessor organizations have developed 4,000+ units of affordable and supportive housing and community-based commercial development projects. This experience has taught us that simply developing good projects isn’t enough when those projects aren’t connected to broader community systems and a comprehensive strategy to solve homelessness and the complex conditions that create it. Through innovations in design, financing and operations, we create sustainable real estate solutions that enable our partner communities to solve homelessness for the long-term. 

The challenge

Socially and economically neglected neighborhoods are often physically neglected, too. Many lack the safe, functional housing and community spaces needed to create pathways out of poverty. 

Our goals

We support neighborhood-based efforts at Community Solutions through smart, community-informed property development and design. 
Our path to this goal includes: 
  • Engaging residents and key stakeholders in comprehensive neighborhood planning.
  • Better connecting existing assets through improved physical infrastructure. 
  • Reactivating neglected buildings and lots as housing, retail, education and cultural facilities.
  • Restoring parks and open spaces to create livelier, more active places for recreation and social connection. 

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